Book of Gratitude


2022-2023 Fundraising Highlights

A Culture of Giving

Oakwood School is building a vibrant philanthropy program that relies on the generosity of time, talent, and treasure which are invested in the learning experiences of each student. Our school is growing in new ways and our community is a vital part of this growth.

Welcome from Head of School


2023-2024 Admissions Profile

Students Enrolled
New Students
students receiving financial aid
0 %
languages spoken by students

23-24 Racial Diversity

No Data Found

23-24 Enrolled Students

Total: 648

No Data Found

Enrollment History

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Geographic Diversity


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2022-2023 Student Participation

Upper School Students Participated in the Arts
0 %

in 22 performances & concerts

Upper School Students Participated in Athletics
0 %

in 12 sports and 31 teams

Oakwood School


Congratulations to the Class of 2023! We are immensely proud of their accomplishments and cannot wait to hear about all they do in the coming years!

Class of 2023 Highlights

Merit Scholarships Awarded for the 23-24 academic Year
$ 0 M+
Offers of Admission per Graduate
National Merit Scholarship Commended Students
Students Awarded AP Scholar
0 %


Fundraising Proceeds

Thank you to the many donors who supported our fundraising efforts through our three main fundraising events this past year. Your generosity continues to play an important role in all aspects of our school community.




Fundraising Dollars at Work

The Annual Fund is the heart of every independent school's philanthropic efforts in which every family is asked to provide an annual donation to the school. Our goal is to achieve 100% participation from our current families, faculty, staff, and board. Donations made through the Annual Fund may be designated by the donor to go to any one of the below funds. Proceeds from school fundraising events go to one or more of the five funds.

Greatest Need

Most donations are given "unrestricted" for the school's greatest needs, meaning the donation will go toward one or more of the five funds, depending on needs that arise each school year.

Campus Fund

Supports upgrades to our campus and safety. The 2022-2023 Campus Fund helped fund playground & blacktop updates, and a new projector system in The Barn.

Scholarship Fund

Helps us build our fund to enhance the socio-economic diversity of our community. The 2022-2023 Scholarship Fund helped give deserving students access to an Oakwood education.

Enrichment Fund

Used to enhance the school's enrichment programs. The 2022-2023 Enrichment Fund helped purchase lower school ukulele set & racks, upper school music instruments, 50 Melody Music Chairs, and a dry ice fog machine (drama).

Science & Technology Fund

Strengthens and expands the school's technology and science resources. The 2022-2023 Science & Technology Fund helped purchase equipment to work with LabQuest 3 interfaces for the physics lab, an Epson SureColor 44" P8000 SE printer, and cameras & equipment for photography & yearbook.

Faculty Fund

Supports faculty development and enhances compensation. The 2022-2023 Faculty Fund helped provide faculty and staff professional development opportunities.

Oakwood School

Family Profiles​

Hear from Oakwood parents and grandparents about their meaningful experiences at the school and how they continue to stay engaged through volunteerism and philanthropy.

The Tom Family

GP ’24, ’32
As our granddaughter finishes her Senior year we can look back with the knowledge that she has received the best possible education these past six years, and we can anticipate even more exciting opportunities for our grandson as he continues his growth at Oakwood.”​

Our Story »

The Zhao/Chen Family

P ’19, ’24
“Oakwood teachers and staff have done so much in providing a safe and nurturing environment for our children to explore, grow, and flourish, both academically and in extracurricular activities.”

Our Story »

The Bruce Family

P ’32
“Cameron continues to grow in confidence, and he accurately reflects the core personal values Oakwood School expects of their students.”

Our Story »

The Saffarian Family

P ’30, ’33, ’35
“Respect, mindfulness, and kindness are embedded into the Oakwood culture, and those are a few of the most valuable aspects for our family.”

Our Story »

Oakwood School

Faculty Alumni Parents

Adam Hubbard (P ‘21, ‘23), Brenda Black (P ‘17, ‘19), Wendy Chamberlain (P ‘17, ‘22), Lexi Hubbard (P ‘21, ‘23), Penny Conn (P ‘18), Tamila D’Elia (P ‘19), Michelle Helvey (P ‘09), Jude Cash (P ‘16), Tere Casey (P ‘22, ‘25), Cami Hanson (P ‘12, ‘15), Nisanti Wilmot (P ‘23, ‘25, ‘28, ‘31), Lisa King (P ‘22, ‘25), Tiffany Fuller (P ‘21, ‘23, ’25, ’28), Dana Bruning (P ‘18, ‘20, ‘23), Jennifer Gastelum (P ‘18, ‘20, ‘22), Joy Khojasteh (P ‘17, ‘22), Roberta Vinkhuyzen Rasmussen (P ‘12, ‘14, ‘17), Sean Wilmot (P ‘23, ‘25, ‘28, ‘31), Laura Moosman (P ‘17, ‘19, ‘23), Kelli Frazer (P ‘21)

Oakwood School

Faculty & Staff Profiles

Our faculty and staff come from many different backgrounds, but all have one thing in common: a love for Oakwood. Hear what they have to say about their experiences at the school and what makes it such a special place to work.

Nisanti Wilmot

P ’23, ’25, ’28, ’31
“The school campus, with its natural beauty, never ceases to inspire me, and I deeply appreciate the autonomy I have when it comes to designing and delivering my classes.”​

My Story »

Jeff Ruster, Jr.

“Although my career here is young, it’s unmistakably clear: every aspect of my growth, from being a student to evolving as an individual, my choice of college, and eventually transitioning into an educational career, all owe their beginnings to a singular moment—the pivotal decision of Oakwood’s admissions department to take a chance on me back in 2013.”

My Story »

Kelli Frazer

P ’21
“The support, camaraderie, generosity, spirit, and connections that I have because of Oakwood are invaluable to me both personally and professionally.”​

My Story »

Oakwood School

Full Circle

The Wilmot family attended an Oakwood School Open House in March 2010 where Macy Hanson Sorensen served as their tour guide. Among all the sights they encountered, Macy left the most lasting impression on them. Her confidence, articulate communication skills, and evident passion for her school stood out. Little did they know, this encounter would mark the beginning of a remarkable journey. Soon after, Dr. Wilmot became Macy’s science teacher in high school, finding her an enjoyable and dedicated student.

Subsequently, Macy pursued higher education and embarked on a career as an educator. In a heartening turn of events, she returned to Oakwood in 2022, taking on the role of Lower School Music Teacher where she shares her musical knowledge with the youngest Wilmot, and continuing the connection that began in 2010.

Our Donors

We are grateful to the members of the Oakwood School community who contributed during the 2022-2023 school year. Every gift has a direct impact on the lives of our students, faculty, and staff and has enhanced our academic, arts, science and technology, and athletic programs.

The report lists gifts received between July 1, 2022 – June 30, 2023. Every effort has been made to ensure that all of our donors are listed accurately.

Should you find errors or omissions, please accept our sincere apologies and notify


Chris and Siutaisa Fleizach

Ted and Michelle Helvey

Alison Love

Bill and Heather Christopher

Vic and Carolyn Riches

Subramaniam Vinod and Renoo Nathan

Brian Loudenslager and Sarah Chen

Jeff Rosen and Tanu Ghosh-Rosen

Chris Taylor and Rie Tajitsu

John and Kim Thornton

Jim and Stacey Alves

Daniel and Stacey Felnhofer

Pat and Dennis Riches

Amir and Ayda Saffarian

Ryoji Watanabe and Lily Li

Kent Zhang and Daisy Wei

Andrew Albaran and Samantha Spangler

Robby Basati and Amy Kaur

Sam Foster

Jack Chen and Manta Yu

Jimmy Fan and Wendy Liao

Chris and Vicky Foland

Ryan and Melissa Goulart

Wolfgang and Inga Klingauf

Tejas and Shweta Maniar

Greg and Christina Mayer

John and Shaneen Monaco

Peter and Laura Moosman

Mike and Cary Neunzig

Mihai and Ileana Nita

Monica Oliveri

Chad and Stephanie Olsen

Jeff Ota

Manu Parmar and Jhilmil Jain

Andrew and Jesusa Pedler

Hao and Pari Pham

Jozef and Barbara Plata

Howard and Julie Read

Del Rodillas and Li Ming Yap

Alex and Veronica Salvatti

Prakash and Pujana Shakya

Gordon and Christine Shales

Ann Sheffer

Shachar and Emily Shem-Tov

Jai Madhusoodhan and Payal Prakash

Kat Stepina

Nang Vo and Thu Phan

Lester Wang and Sue Kim

Roy and Willette Weltchek

Sushil Adhikari and Priti Lohani

Yasir and Angie Afifi

Karen Agacki

Lisa Agrimonti

Julianne Aiello

Diane Aiello

Mohammad Alhasan and Aseel Abbas

Daria Sobko and Hamdey Altayyeb

Claire Amonette

Sher Amos-Grosser

Pauline Amstutz

Nancy Anderson

David and Anna-Liza Anderson

Nanette Arigo

Dan and Laurie Armino

Constantine and Miriam Arnold

Ursula Arnold

John Arsenault

Karen Astrachan

Navi Athwal

Maureen Atkins Vollmer

Erin Atkinson

Greg Austin and Julie Lyon

Ryan B

Vahe and Leisha Babayan

Pavandeep and Carolina Bagga

Rashid and Marjan Bahrainy

Omid and Paria Bakhtar

Dinesh Bakiaraj and Genevie Edward

Derek and Angie Banks

Odi Banuelos

Lauren Barber

Maziar Barijough

Judith Barker

Chris and Melissa Barrow

Vishal Bathija and Rina Sutaria

Julianna Bayley

Keith Bayley

Nicole Bayley

Jan and Brent Bear

Alex Bear

Suzi Beardsley

Carolyn Bechtel

Gary Bechtel

Todd Beeson

Matt Behan

Richard and Patricia Beilmann

Kevin Beilmann and Misty McNay-Beilmann

Theresa Belarmino

Ross Belliveau

Jamie and Elizabeth Belliveau

Sandra Belliveau

Brad Benedict

Rick Benedict

Sam and Lauren Benedict

Lindsay Gahan and Shawn Bentley

Dawn Benziger

Brian Berglund

Sabri Berisha and Sandra Van Steenpaal

Isaac Berniker

Ben and Staci Betancourt

Leilani Bettencourt

Sanjeev Bhat

Amos Bianchi and Sheryl Zhang

Brad and Tammy Blackwell

Deborah Blanchard

Kevin Bobzien and Leila Wright Bobzien

Navjot Bola

Harman Bola and Sandeep Mann

Michelle Bombarda

Debbie Border

Frank and Patricia Botte

Lonnie and Melissa Bowers

Crystal Brandhorst

Todd and Cathy Broch

Christopher Brookman-Amissah

Joseph Brookman-Amissah

Brian and Erika Bruce

Kyle and Elizabeth Brumbaugh

Brian and Dana Bruning

Saba Buchanan

Tamara Bunt

Robert and Paola Burk

Sean and Tashana Burke

Ruby Burrows Mendoza

Max and Reaka Bushman

Louis Cale

Tracy and Melissa Call

Lesley Call

Matthew and Julie Calzetta

Donna Camacho

Michel Cannieux and Nicola Brookman-Amissah

Racquel Cariaso

Brandon and Tere Casey

Elena Casey

Mark Cash and Judy Dutra-Cash

Kaelie Castaneda

Joselito Castronuevo and Bernadette Enderez

Mike and Ponny Cavanagh

Mavis Chaboya

Elizabeth Chaboya

Jason and Wendy Chamberlain

Poruthai Chamchawee

Hamilton and Jasmin Chan

Jim Chapman and Brenda Black

Shirley Chen

Willa Chen

Jialin Chen

Howard and Debbie Chen

Diane Chew

Bhavna Chhotu

Jane Chinnasan

Travis and Colleen Blanchard

Rutuja Chopde

Karan Chopra and Mahima Ashok

Sonny Chopra and Aman Khosa

Godfrey Chow and Stephenie Zhang

Jason and Sylvia Christopher

Shayla Clark

Liyah Clark

Joy Clemente

Judith Clink

David and Magdalena Clink

Ashly Cocco

Barton Coddington

Katherine Coffey

Rob and Amy Cohen

Barbara Colon

Doug and Penny Conn

Alex Padilla

Dolores Corpuz

Kenneth Corpuz

Jay Couch and Myrna Robles Couch

Julie Crane

Patty Crone

Andrew and Heather Crowley

Nanci Crowley

Heather Cuellar

Ke Cui

Stephen Cumming

Victor and Tamila D’Elia

Eric Dahlin

Debasis Dash

Tal Davidson and Bonnie Chamchawee

Daphna Davidson

Katie Davis

Dantley and Courtney Davis

Sheryl de Bree

Tom Deckowski and Claudia Tseng

Kami Dehpanah and Virginia Chabran-Dehpanah

Yolanda Del Rio

Reyna Del Rio

Rhodora Del Rosario

Jason and Jenna Della Rosa

Javier and Erica Diaz

Stuart and Stephanie Dicker

Angie Dixon

Seshapani Dondapati and Rupa Gummadi

Jennifer Dossey

Martha Doucha

Minh and Cynthia Duong

Kathleen Eaton

Kathy Eichholtz

Jennifer Eichholtz

Chico El Shabasy and Ella Al Tayeb

Phil and Kelli Elizondo

Moe Elshabasy and Perry Salama

Gregory and Veronica Enenstein

Jaymie English

Theresa Espejo

Dylan Fang and Pin Gao

Angie Fenton

Frank Fenton

Kurtis and Jeni Ferchau

Bryan and Stephanie Fernandez

Janet Fiore-Tennant

Nancy Firchow

JoEllen Firchow

Alireza Forouzan

Melany Forsgren

Ian Fox and Tiffany Tsai

Dave and Kelli Frazer

John and Jolene Freeman

William Fritz

Lyndsey Fujii

Richard and Tiffany Fuller

Claire Furtado

Linda Galdieri

Paul Galdieri

Casey and Katianna Galdieri

Mike Gallagher

Mike and Janelle Gallagher

Nancy Gallo

Deborah Gambino

Doran Gao and Huan Wang

Steve Garcia

Cynthia Garcia

Carlos Garcia Alvarado and Johnna Lee-Garcia

Jennifer Gardner

Chuck Gardner

Diego Garibay and Isela Mendoza Ruiz

Alberto and Jenn Gastelum

Tom Geier and Phuong Tran

Alex and Carmen Georgescu

Sorin Georgescu

Dave Ghio

Paul Giacalone

Jennifer Gillick

Michelle Gledhill

Tereso Gomez

Angelo Gomez and Hilary Andrews

J.R. Gomez and Irene Cariaso

Eddie and Casey Gonzalez

Alicia Gorman

Ray Gorski

John and Anna Gorski

Hadi Goudarzi

John Green

April Greene

Travis Gregory and Michelle Viveros-Gregory

Gavin and Ali Gruber

Maciek and Mara Gudrymowicz

Agnes Guthier

Juan Gutierrez

Michael and Lacy Gutierrez

Alejandro Guzman and Lina Alvarez

Lisa Ha

Ashkon Hamidieh

Suesan Hamidieh

Sheeva Hamidieh

Dave and Charlotte Hamilton

Brad and Michelle Hannula

Charles Hansen

John Hansen

Jay and Cami Hanson

Marisa Hare

Taylor Hartley

Cathy Hartsinck

Keith Hayden

Joan Hayden

Gregory and Nikki Hedling

Teresa Heitman

Jason and Kaydi Heitman

Cameron and Mckenzie Helvey

Michael and Annie Helvey

Eric Hengstebeck

Darlene Hensley

Melissa Hensley

Dave Hensley and Stormy Snively

Deborah Hernandez

David Hernandez

David and Divya Hillier

Alex Hladniev and Lolita Ananasova

Chris and Caroline Hobbs

Joe Hocevar and Tina Tabuchi

Steve and Helen Holter

Lorena Horiuchi

Peter Hsien and Rita Chen

Jason Hu and Lexie Liu

Adam and Lexi Hubbard

Janis Hubbs

Nicole Hunter

Lynnette Imus

Justin Ionescu

Jack and Kelli Irwin

Jill and Jim Irwin

Kelsey Jackson

Rakesh and Monica Jain

Chris and Megan Jalufka

Holly Jankiewicz

Majid Janzamin

Kevin and Elisa Jenkins

Derek and Emily Jensen

Kort and Cherie Jensen

Taylor Jessee

Valbrun Jeudy and Darlene Bourdeau

Shelby Johnson

Violet Johnson

Robert Johnson

Rome Johnson and Jeanne Mickey

Steven and Melissa Johnson

Phil and Anita Jones

Kevin and Wendy Kaefer

Andreas Kamber

Dina Kamber

Bruno Kamber

Eveline Kamber

Carolyn Kamidoi

Avinash Kanakamedala

Bessy Kanazawa

Ryan Kanazawa

Jeff Kasper

Nicholas Kaufman

Rajvir Kaur

Sri Krishna Kaushik

Marc Kea and Judith Dekker Kea-Dekker

Miriam Keller Frey

Tonya Ketchum

Ethan Ketchum

Samuel Ketchum

Hassan Khaleghi

Salman Khaleghi

Soroush Khaleghi

Fayez Khan and Mona Badar

Alla Khodorkovsky

Irina Khodorkovsky

Kameron and Joy Khojasteh

Dan and Jen Kim

Kathleen and Kozo Kimura

Frank and Lisa King

Njeri Kinuthia

Scott Kiser

Ron Kisling

Robynne Klein

Yvonne Ko

Janice Ko

Heidi Kobata

Venkateswara Kudithipudi

Narendra Kumar Govinda

Ming Hung Kuo and Polly Wong

Kevin and Stephanie Kurimoto

Vince and Ana La Corte

Sundaram Lakshmanan and Sivagami Swaminathan

Anupma Lal

Kris and Cristina Lambrechts

Jason Lara and Mia Flores

Elizabeth Latala

Ken and Jennifer Laudel

Gretchen Lee

Abigail Leon

John Lim

Jeanne LimBiz

Patrick Little and Andrea Muro-Little

Melody and Karen Liu

Michelle Long

Jesse Lopez

Enrique Lopez

Raul and Wendi Lopez

Michael Loudenslager

Roxanne Loudenslager

Michael and Dawn Lyle

Kevin and Sonya Lynch

Caitlin MacCalla

Mary MacCalla

Christina Madden

Camila Magdaleno

Kaveh Maghsoudi and Jennifer Narvaez

Kaleigh Mallette

Cathie and Woody Mann

Christina Martin

Marty Martinez and Christine Hinton-Martinez

Virginia and Diego Martinez-Kisso

Jackie Matthews

Uli Mayer and Megan McComas

Colin and Libby McFarland

Molly McKeever

Ken and Cathy McKeever

Ronald McNay

Brenda Medina

Emmanuel and Emily Mendoza

Maggie Mendoza

Jithu Menon and Tina Lim

Mari Mensoza

Stacy Menz

Douglas and Melinda Merten

Bly Mickey

Ryan and Amanda Mihelich

Gretchen Miller

Carolyn Mills

Rachel Mino

Gerv and Kristina Minoza

Geneva and Mike Mintun

Saharnaz Mirzazad

Hitendra and Yashmi Mistry

Jessica Mohr

Neusa Mohr

Holger and Jasmin Mohr

Alex Mohr and Dayana Soares

Nora and John Monaco

Signe Montosa

Melissa Moore

Tony Moore

Scott and Megan Morgan

Adrianna Morici

Lingyu Mu and Juan Zhang

Melanie Muske

Linda Muske

Cappy and Nicole Myers

Mahesh Nagarajan and Kamala Hariharan

Dileep Naik

Michael and Mary Beth Nakade

Brooke Nason

Keziah Ndifon

Jane Neilson

Suzanne Nero

Stephanie Neustadter

Gary Neustadter

Calvin Nguyen and Mai Ly

JT Nguyen and Cindy Phan

David Nguyen and Wendy Su

Pimolwunn Vitrosakul and Qui Nguyen

Jeremy Niskala and Stefanie Mortimer

JC and Haylie Nuno

Vidal and Miranda Nzoyem

Dipo and Julia Odelowo

Susan Okada

David Orozco Carrillo

Katie Osborn

Terry and Shirley Ota

Melissa Paauwe

Devin Pace

Suzanne Pace

Art and Julie Pak

John Palalia and Oksana Lapii

Wentau Pan and Hong Wang

Alan Paradiso

Nick and Ashley Paradiso

Frank and Christine Paradiso

Zeena Patel

Nilay and Meesha Patel

Kamlesh Patil and Ashwini Deshpande

Steve and Jaime Payne

Joan Peet

Anne Peiris

Roshan Peiris

Alice Pereira

Jesus Perez

Shaina Perez

Adan Perez

Carlos and Heather Perez

Rachelle Perez

Cindy Perry

Jeff and Lisa Pesta

John and Gladys Peters

Katelynn Pompa

Lauren Pond

Linda Ponikvar

Rosa Poon

Jocelyn Poplack

Andy and Chanat Praserthdam

Stephanie Procker

Tomasz Przygoda

Angela Purkeypile

Linda Quach

Nic Quiocho and Jocelin Poon

Kevin Quirke

Sujay Ramaiah and Manju Gurunath

Sunil Ramaiah and Ramya Siddappa

Avinash Ramani and Rama Sundar

Priya Ramesh

Kathy Ransom

Gloria Rayray

Shailaja Regmi

Maria Rehak

Betsey Reid

Torsten and Angela Reinert

Gerry Reynolds

Evan and Maryanne Quinn

Larry Riches

Kyle and Suzie Riches

Robyn Rickenbach

Sharon Riley

Patricia Ripple

Steven Risser

Cynthia Robeck

Justin and Jackie Rocca

Jose and Elizabeth Rojo

Kathie Rossi

Khanittha Ruenruai

Kathleen Ryan

Timothy Ryan

Holden Saberhagen

Sutirat and Mazyar Sadat-Razavi

Zsolt Safranka and Kinga Deutsch

Ernesto and Steph Salinas

Linda Salter

Jon and Amanda Saltonstall

Juan and Phoebe Sanchez

Diana Sanchez

Gail Sanner

Arlene Santa Monica

Paul and Laura Santos

Biswa Satpathy and Lipsa Rath

John and Sarah Scavio

Dan and Christine Schulz

Marie Segura

Tom and Diane Selby

Debra Sereni

Matt and Carly Sereni

Jameson Sevelius

Swati Sharma

Ashish and Pooja Sharma

Mike and Judy Shaw

Nichole Sherebernikoff

Sunil Sheshadri and Sanchitha Sunil

Leontine Shockley

Yudhvir and Seema Sidhu

Cheri Silveira

Kamaljit and Aman Singh

Inder and Julie Singh

Andy Singh and Pinki Kaur

RJ and Sheetal Singh

Mark Skulich

Margaret Slabaugh

Scott and Katie Slabaugh

Kevin and Victoria Small

Michele Small

Victoria Smith

Thomas Smith

Cheryl Smith

Brittany Smith

Daniel Smith

Michael and Priya Smith

Candace Smothers

Chris and Melissa Sorci

Vincent Sorge and Erial Three Stars

Sam Sotelo

Amani Soyinka

Charles Spangler and Ana Razmazma

Anup Srivastava

Anjul Srivastava and Nirupma Lal

Ellon St. Croix

Edye Stein

Eric and Cori Stevenson

Eric and Jennifer Stilwell

Todd and Angela Stinchfield

Khristine Stock

Thirunavuk Subramanian

Eugene and Larren Suh

Nithin Sujir and Aruna Baliga

Karen Sullivan

Nita Sutaria

Krystal Sweeney

Tosh and Jackie Takeda

Jim and Michelle Tarne

Adam Tarnowski

Skye Taylor

Victoria Weinberger and Hugo Teixeira

Marg Thandavarayan and Usha Arcot Radhakrishnan

Carolyn Thomas

Drew and Aimee Thomson

Aldina Thornberry

Brett and Morgan Thornsbury

Rosairo Tirado-Juarez

Justin and Lisa Titi

Larry and Kathy Tom

John Tom

Sean and Jaime Tompkins

Tiffany TranNguyen

Denise Tuzon

Urias Urias

Jocelyn Vaca

Feliciano Valencia

Prasad Varadaraja and Usha Srikantaswamy

Joe and Viridiana Velasco

Vishnu Venkatesh and Pavi Sridar Babu

Valerie Veserat

Stephanie Vogtzinn

Lois VrMeer

Rob and Alyssa Wagner

Laura Wallace

Stephanie Wallace

Jimmy Wang and Pamela Jiang

Scott and Ruth Wang

Kristy Warren

Joshua and Van Weltchek

Kelly West

Christine Wheeler, Real Estate

Selina Whitlock

Elizabeth Williams

Heather Williams

Matthew Williams

Shawnee Williams

Megan Williams

Sean Wilmot and Nisanti Mohanraj-Wilmot

Mary Wilmot

Bill Wilson and Susan Cardillo-Wilson

Stephen Wolf and Eri Itami-Wolf

David and Ashleigh Wood

Anne Wood

Rocky Wright

Vladimir Yakubov and Nadya Voitik

Yida Yao and Yiyi Lu

Kendall Yi

Jessica Young

Julie Young

Keithra Zavala

Clay Zha and Butterfly Hu

Joe Zhao and Angela Chen

Richard Zheng and Freya Wang

88 Keys Cafe

A Pooch’s Paradise

All Cities Limousine

Analog Devices



Benevity, Inc.

Blue Rain Salon


Box Tops for Education

Bright Funds

BrightView Companies

Cactus Lounge Boutique

California Craft House

California Detail Center

Charities Aid Foundation America

The Chellani Family Charitable Fund

Children’s Creativity Museum

Children’s Discovery Museum

Christopher Foundation

Cisco Systems

Coyote Valley Sporting Clays


de Young/Legion of Honor

Dona Ester’s

Dorcich Family Vineyards

Dr. Melissa Sorci, Ph.D.

Dry Creek Grill

Fidelity Charitable

First Class Service Travel

Folktale Winery & Vineyards

The Ford Store Morgan Hill

Friday Flowers

Giacalone Design Services

Glamour Teepees

Good Name Snacks

Hahn Estate Vineyards 

Happy Hollow Park & Zoo

Hiller Aviation Museum

HunnyPot Creations

Hwang Family Wellness

Jardines de San Juan

Jewel Box of Morgan Hill


Kendra Scott

KLA Corporation

Ladera Grill

Lana’s Dance Studio

Le Pooch

Lightpost Winery

Lion Ranch Vineyards & Winery

Livermore Wine Trolley

Mainstream Boutique

Marilyn Wendt Photography

MPower Escape Room

Niles Canyon Railway


Parker-Lambert Agency

PayPal Inc.

The Perfect Space


Running Rooster

San Jose Giants

Silva’s Hay & Grain Local Feed Store

Sorry Not Sorry Fitness


Sterling Pacific

Strike Brewing Co.

Taste Buds Kitchen

Team Metric, Inc.

The Tech Interactive

TheatreWorks Silicon Valley

Top Golf San Jose

Trader Joe’s

Trail Dust BBQ

Truett-Hurst Winery

Wafelbakker Anderson Orthodontics


At Oakwood, we value a strong culture of philanthropy that encompasses gifts of time, talent, and treasure. We are incredibly thankful to our 2022-2023 fiscal year donors for your investment in our community that allows us to provide opportunities for our students and faculty to thrive in a dynamic learning environment. As you peruse this new digital publication, I hope you feel the deep gratitude we have for each of you and the many ways you have chosen to support Oakwood School. This report is a testament to our community’s enduring generosity of spirit. Thank you!

Melissa Barrow

Director of Development & Alumni Relations

Make your Gift Today

Unlike many private schools, Oakwood does not ask donors to pay for the base operation of the school. Donated funds are used exclusively to enhance and grow the school and its programs through the five Annual Fund designations. As a non-profit corporation, there are no profits or dividends for shareholders or owners. When school revenue exceeds expenses, these funds are reinvested in the school. Please consider supporting Oakwood by making a donation today!

Oakwood School Book of Gratitude