Macy Sorensen

Oakwood School Lower School Music Teacher &
Oakwood Alumni, Class of 2012

The lessons I learned, the connections I made, and the kindness I experienced at Oakwood as a student have shaped me into the person and teacher that I am today.

I graduated from Oakwood High School in 2012. While at Oakwood, I loved participating in drama, dance, music, Student Council, yearbook, Interact, French, and many other classes and extracurriculars. I looked forward to coming to school every day because of the passionate, caring teachers I had and the lifelong friendships I made. 

When I graduated, I moved to Utah to attend Brigham Young University and, because of the inspiring teachers I had at Oakwood, I decided to study education. Throughout college, I returned to Oakwood occasionally to teach summer music and drama programs. After college graduation, I got a job teaching at a high school in Utah, but I always dreamed of coming back to teach at Oakwood full-time.

When I heard about the Lower School music teaching position opening, I was eager to interview and thrilled when I was hired! Coming back to Oakwood was like coming home. I love the culture of kindness, dignity, and unity that I experience here, and the traditions I grew up with that are still here. I love that we still sing the Friday song every Friday. I love that we still collect donations for the Thanks and Giving Celebration. I love that we still raise money at the Fund Run. I love that we still dress up for Spirit Week. And I love that our campus is still the most beautiful one out there. I also appreciate the new and exciting ways that Oakwood has grown and changed since I graduated. 

Oakwood shaped me into who I am today and I am so happy to be back here as a passionate, caring teacher to hopefully play a small part in helping my students become who they will be in the future.

The Tom Family

GP ’24, ’32
As our granddaughter finishes her Senior year we can look back with the knowledge that she has received the best possible education these past six years, and we can anticipate even more exciting opportunities for our grandson as he continues his growth at Oakwood.”​

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The Zhao/Chen Family

P ’19, ’24
“Oakwood teachers and staff have done so much in providing a safe and nurturing environment for our children to explore, grow, and flourish, both academically and in extracurricular activities.”

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The Bruce Family

P ’32
“Cameron continues to grow in confidence, and he accurately reflects the core personal values Oakwood School expects of their students.”

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The Saffarian Family

P ’30, ’33, ’35
“Respect, mindfulness, and kindness are embedded into the Oakwood culture, and those are a few of the most valuable aspects for our family.”

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Nisanti Wilmot

P ’23, ’25, ’28, ’31
“The school campus, with its natural beauty, never ceases to inspire me, and I deeply appreciate the autonomy I have when it comes to designing and delivering my classes.”​

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Jeff Ruster, Jr.

“Although my career here is young, it’s unmistakably clear: every aspect of my growth, from being a student to evolving as an individual, my choice of college, and eventually transitioning into an educational career, all owe their beginnings to a singular moment—the pivotal decision of Oakwood’s admissions department to take a chance on me back in 2013.”

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Kelli Frazer

P ’21
“The support, camaraderie, generosity, spirit, and connections that I have because of Oakwood are invaluable to me both personally and professionally.”​

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Oakwood School Book of Gratitude