The Saffarian Family

Class of 2030, 2033, and 2035

We’ve been at Oakwood for 7 years. We have Soren in 1st grade, Mischa in 3rd grade and Arianna in 6th grade. We chose Oakwood and stayed at Oakwood because the school gives our children a well-rounded experience. High academic standards along with a great balance between performing arts, music, sports, social skills, and technology. Respect, mindfulness, and kindness are embedded into the Oakwood culture and those are a few of the most valuable aspects for our family.

The fond memories are endless. We love the bond that our kids create with each of their teachers every single year. The amount of individualized attention they receive and how much they absolutely look forward to going to school every day–is just priceless. They are thriving and a lot of that is a reflection on their experiences at Oakwood.

Watching the kids perform on stage, seeing how excited they are to participate in the various school traditions and the confidence they display in doing so are all so amazing. 

We live in one of the most expensive areas in the country. In order for our school to retain its staff and be able to maintain the school and keep up to date with the advancements in technology and education, they need to have adequate funding. We also like to see the school be able to expand and add to what they offer to our children. The various fundraising events give the school community the chance to contribute towards these goals. 

We believe that being involved in the school community is important. It provides additional support to our teachers and it shows the children how important their education and school life is to us as parents. 

I truly appreciate our faculty and staff. I believe that if I can help the wonderful room parents with their tasks, I can contribute to taking some of the load off the teachers’ shoulders. 

The extent to which the staff practices respect and kindness and the resilience I’ve seen from everyone in different circumstances have been very impressive. I have to say that the way our school pivoted and handled the pandemic situation when it came to providing the same high-quality education to our children still amazes me to this day. 

Our children have grown to thrive academically, they are respectful, kind, and well-rounded when it comes to their interest in different topics and activities and in their social skills. 

Seeing our children happy every day and watching them create deep bonds and friendships while succeeding academically are all very important to us. Oakwood has been holding them to high academic standards while teaching them the importance of living a balanced life and enjoying sports and other enrichments just as much as they enjoy learning. Those are the key factors for us when it comes to feeling like we belong at Oakwood. The school’s values are aligned with what we value as a family.

The Tom Family

GP ’24, ’32
As our granddaughter finishes her Senior year we can look back with the knowledge that she has received the best possible education these past six years, and we can anticipate even more exciting opportunities for our grandson as he continues his growth at Oakwood.”​

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The Zhao/Chen Family

P ’19, ’24
“Oakwood teachers and staff have done so much in providing a safe and nurturing environment for our children to explore, grow, and flourish, both academically and in extracurricular activities.”

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The Bruce Family

P ’32
“Cameron continues to grow in confidence, and he accurately reflects the core personal values Oakwood School expects of their students.”

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The Saffarian Family

P ’30, ’33, ’35
“Respect, mindfulness, and kindness are embedded into the Oakwood culture, and those are a few of the most valuable aspects for our family.”

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Nisanti Wilmot

P ’23, ’25, ’28, ’31
“The school campus, with its natural beauty, never ceases to inspire me, and I deeply appreciate the autonomy I have when it comes to designing and delivering my classes.”​

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Jeff Ruster, Jr.

“Although my career here is young, it’s unmistakably clear: every aspect of my growth, from being a student to evolving as an individual, my choice of college, and eventually transitioning into an educational career, all owe their beginnings to a singular moment—the pivotal decision of Oakwood’s admissions department to take a chance on me back in 2013.”

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Kelli Frazer

P ’21
“The support, camaraderie, generosity, spirit, and connections that I have because of Oakwood are invaluable to me both personally and professionally.”​

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Oakwood School Book of Gratitude